NEW SEASON!!!!!! & we’re involved in Cycle Salute!!!

Cycle Salute on in earnest…….

We are REALLY looking forward to the upcoming Fly Fishing season…..we have had the fires and the floods and we are now looking at local streams with relish & much anticipation.

Most of our streams are already slowing and clearing (which may assist with an early season start).

SOUTHERN Fly Fishing ADVENTURES are also involved in the Tourism North East’s Cycle Salute (a tribute to all cyclists of all standards). This is where you can get involved with an exciting mix of activities in the North East.

There are many events that anyone can get involved in (with plenty of side activities as well), some have accommodation, some with sensational food & brilliant local wines.

Go to: for more information & a package that suits your style, tempo & mood.

If you are looking for a direct Fly Fishing Adventure contact us directly on 0408 221161 or E:


Cheers & “tear it up!!!!”

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