Close encounter with Platypus!!!

After literally hundreds of Fly Fishing Adventures both with clients & of a personal nature I’ve never been so close to Platypus in my life.

A few years ago I had an encounter with one on Lake Arthurs whilst on an Adventure and the Platypus was some distance away, but this day was simply unbelievable.

I had collected our clients from Bright for ‘a morning’ fish, as usual our topics of discussions ranged from fishing to all other matters of interest & history of the Valley that we were in.

We had completed our pre – fishing information session and casting lessons & entered the water at 10:00 am.

Our clients were quite adept at casting & things were going well when I saw what I thought was a large Brown Trout at our feet.

Instantly, I was quick to take a closer perusal of the area & to my absolute amazement I saw a rather brazen Platypus swimming within a metre of our location. I called out to the clients as loudly as I dared to let them know what was happening & at the same time reached for my camera. We stood frozen in mid-stream watching in disbelief that the Platypus played & swam between our six legs & then as I tried to obtain better photographs the Platypus, it drifted with the current and downstream into the next pool below our location.

 We then found ourselves chatting in a most animated manner to each other about this unbelievable encounter with one of the world’s most ‘timid’ animals. Not all the photos were particularly good but certainly a most memorable event.

Yet another ‘BRILLIANT’ SOUTHERN Fly Fishing ADVENTURE!!!!